Welcome to a wonderful Indian experience and adventure’Offering a relaxed, contemporary atmosphere in which to enjoy Asian cuisine,in nearly a decade of service, we strived to provide our valuedpatrons with nothing but the best variety and choice of dishes that is yet to be rivalled by any other restaurant of its kind.Our chefs pride themselves in preparing dishes that are made as authenticallyand naturally as possible. We do not use any artificial colouring and we only use natural herbs and spices.If you are looking for something different, for the authentic with a touch of theContemporary, and ingredients sourced from across the globe, then you needlook no further. Our chefs are geared to bring about a revolution with authenticity and quality all the way.We are always happy to meet our customers’ requirements.We will take into account allergies and particular taste preferences. What’s more, we are always open to comments or suggestions.

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